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Candle Creations Candle Making Machine

Makes candles the simple, safe, fun and fast way! No more pots, pans and double boiler systems to contend with. The Candle Creations Candle Machine lets you recycle leftover wax from existing candles or use new wax.

The Candle Maker comes with 1 lb. of Candle Creations colored granulated premium quality candle wax and a 6 in. polycarbonate mold to get you started making candles right out of the box!

Just secure your mold in the mold holder, add wax to the machine, close the locking lid, plug in the Candle Maker, turn the knob and your on your way to foolproof candle making.

The Candle Creations Candle Maker maintains a safe, even melting temperature for perfect candle pouring every time! No need to worry about what temperature to pur your wax at, just melt, open the valve and let the wax pour into the mold. The built-in controlled flow valve lets you control the flow and amount of wax into candle molds.

Set includes: UL Listed candle maker with easy pour valve control and secure adjustable candle mold holder, 6 inch Polycarbonate Pillar Candle Mold, 1 lb. premium quality Wax, Wicking, Wick Holder and Mold Sealer, Complete instructions and Tips for easy candle making.


Candle Mold Round Pillar ShapeCandle Mold Round Pillar ShapeThis pillar shaped candle mold is constructed of sturdy aluminum,

Dimensions are 4.5" tall by 4" in diameter.

Wick hole in base.

Candle Mold Octagon ShapeCandle Mold Octagon ShapeThis octagon shaped candle mold is constructed of sturdy aluminum.

Dimensions are 3.5" tall by 3" in diameter.

Wick hole in base.

Candle Mold Square Pillar ShapeCandle Mold Square Pillar ShapeThis square pillar shaped candle mold is constructed of sturdy aluminum.

Dimensions are 6.5" tall by 3" wide.

Wick hole in base.

Crafty Candles Wax Candle Creations KitCrafty Candles Wax Candle Creations KitThis candle making kit from Crafty Candles includes all the essential ingredients to create one-of-a-kind Candle Creations at home!

Instructions are included to make: a) Opaque Molded Candle b) Mottled Molded Candle and c) Textured Molded Candle.

Kit includes: 3 lbs Paraffin Wax, 3" x 6" Cylindrical Metal Candle Mold, 1 oz. Vybar 103 hardener/binder, 1.5 oz. Stearic Acid, 2 ft. Braided Wick, Mold Sealer, 2 Craft Sticks, Fragrance, Red, Yellow and Blue Dyes.

Additional equipment (not included) needed: Double Boiler or Boil Bag, metal spoons, measuring spoons or cups, candy thermometer, scissors, masking tape.




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